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It's A Condition!

It's A Condition!

14.8K Reads 173 Votes 9 Part Story
Croc By croc-abdl Completed

Author's Note:

This ABDL story is based on a teenage boy who lies to his mother and doctor that he has 'Urine' problems, and that he has to wear nappies for his 'Condition'.

Story Synopsis:

19-year-old Adam has been long attracted to the ABDL scene and he goes that bit further. He lies to his GP and Mum not knowing what his wetting condition is. 

Soon after 'needing' to be put into nappies for his condition, things soon begin to of Adam's mother's friend suspects the teenager of lying and using nappies for another reason and all comes full circle for a good way or a bad way?

27 Pages - 7 Chapters & Epilogue

Enjoy Reading!


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