10 Ways To Get On The Bad Boy's Good Side {Completed}

10 Ways To Get On The Bad Boy's Good Side {Completed}

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Kyra Blackthorn By ChasingMadness24 Completed

"So here's the deal. I get ten different ways. Ten different ways to try and make you fall in love with me. If I win and you fall in love with me, then you have to stop your player ways. If you win, you'll never see my face again. Deal?" He stared at me for a moment, letting what I said sink in. Finally a smirk slipped across his face.

Rosalie Hunter is one of the most popular girls in school. Not for her looks, or for her talents. Because everyone knows they can rely on her. She's also the girl everyone comes to after Asher Davis breaks their heart. 
When Rose runs into him at lunch, she feels as if she should be the one to stop Asher from hurting anyone else. 

So she comes up with a deal. She will get ten different ways to get him to fall in love with her, and if he does, in the end, he will have to give up his player ways. If he wins, she will never show her face around him again.

But things don't go as plan, and by her third way, Rose starts to realize that maybe she's the one that's starting to fall for him. 

Can Rose stop herself from meeting every girl's destiny with the bad boy? Or will she just become another one of his victims?

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I can't tell what colour eyes he has but they're soooo pretty.
Psilikeu Psilikeu Aug 27
I love authors that forget their characters names wrong because for the rest of the chapter your wondering if it's a knew person or an accident and don't figure it out for another two chapters.
If your a teen wolf fan you straight up know who he is.He bad at first but helpful in the end
All I can think of is Tony Stark but I remember that mail he got and it had said Tony Stank 😂😂😂
darhken darhken Jan 07
I've loved all the books Ive read by you so far, so there's no doubt I'll love this one just as much!