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"You are nothing but the trash below my foot. I don't know what the fuck the Fates were doing when they made you my mate but I can very well undo it!" Disgust and hatred blazed in his eyes and I cowered back from the force of its intensity. "I, Alexander Ferrari, future Alpha of the Scarlet Moon rejects you, Angelique Swann as my mate and Luna!"
Angelique Swann has been bullied for most of her lives by the people who was suppose to love her. But the final blow comes when her mate and Alpha rejects her. Confuse and hurt beyond compare, she decides to kill herself by jumping off a cliff but she survives. The only thing? She doesn't remember anything or anyone. So what happens when her adopted human family moves to where her pack lives?

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flourel flourel Aug 29
I wrote a story too. I'm just tired of werewolf stories where the girl runs away advance all big and strong. It's anointing because the only difference is the names in the book. That's it the stories are all the Same. Surprisingly people read my story 😂
AliiseRedd AliiseRedd Nov 16
"And to EVERYONE ELSE, I shall not hate you, BUT You ALL may go and F Yourselves" 😁🙌👏👏👌
Just keep trying and im sure youll be an amazing writer dont give up love the story
I like how this isint the basic " i was rejected then came to love him hes the scarist strongest pack i get bullied ..." love how its already different
AliiseRedd AliiseRedd Nov 16
Noo biiisssshhhh...... He's ur Bully and that's totally, completely, and utterly "Unforgivable" .... I cracks myself up😂😂😭
Nita0214 Nita0214 Aug 15
In love with your story!!!! Beautiful really it's going great!