Naruto: Back In Time

Naruto: Back In Time

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The 4th Great Ninja War ended. They won, but Team Seven excluding Kakashi was the only survivor. Naru fell in despair at the loss of her comrades and her lover. At the same time happy, because she, Sasuke, and Sakura has given a chance to change the past. To right all the wrong. 

Beautiful and colorful swearings.
Character(s) death
Time Travel

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                              39. Sankyuu is how you pronounce 39 in Japanese. It’s also how many weaknesses Koro-sensei from Assassination Classroom has. Sankyuu has a very similar sound or thank you.
Lol: Sakura, you control your chakra perfectly. Sasuke, you will be the team’s shield, Naru... just do the best that you can...
hcmrules hcmrules Mar 12, 2017
Update please I'm begging update
_alexaperez _alexaperez Jan 16
I read this as sarcasm and was really confused for a second oHnO
What if she just said awwww Obito’s such a cutie without his scared face and none dead friends
Hahajdhdh Hahajdhdh Oct 15, 2017
NARU COULD NEVER DO WRONG!!!! *gasp* I sound like a fangirl😱