Fell For A Bully?! (NamJin) [Editing] BOOK 1

Fell For A Bully?! (NamJin) [Editing] BOOK 1

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Tokaku Uchiha Evans By TokakuUchihaEvans Completed

Jin (POV)
"Just stay low and I won't be noticed", is what I told myself when arriving to school. No matter how hard I tried to avoid 'him', I never could. Namjoon 'the biggest' bad boy in school would bully me, Jin, the nerd. He would find it entertaining and amusing, but for some reason... Most of his actions would make me...get flustered... And I don't know why..? 
Namjoon (POV)
When I would see Jin blush, my heart would 'skip a beat'. And that would anger me. Not knowing why this NERD made my heart get flustered! Shutting his locker to push him to the floor as I always did before heading to class. "What the FUCK?!", I thought to myself. Why did that blush affect me? Why did it move my heart? WHY?!

Warning: BoyXBoy /Smut /MPreg

IF YU ARE NOT INTO BOY X BOY, SMUT OR MPREG THIS STORY IS NOT FOR YOU! This story is all fanfiction where anything can happen haha anything is possible MEANIN this story contains all mentioned above but if yu r not into tht yu have been WARNED!!

(Currently under editing... CAPS titles are completely edited :) please enjoy!)

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taarke taarke Feb 11
Poor Jin, like, yaaay for namjin but how could Jin fall for Namjoon when he acts like that towards him?
AnonimusLP AnonimusLP Mar 28
When I read this warning I just inmediatly click the read button :v
AlchemistBA AlchemistBA Oct 08, 2017
This is my first NamJin story....I will forever treasure this...
Real_Shook Real_Shook Dec 23, 2017
I swear Namjoon is always the bully. I but I love the part when he doesn’t bully
Class12th Class12th Feb 11
I can't imagine Namjoon as a bully😢😢😢
                              He is too cute to be a bully.
promiseless__ promiseless__ Jan 27, 2017