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Arabelle Lightwood grew up on the center of the ShadowHunter world. 

She started training to be a ShadowHunter from a very young age, just like her brother and sister. 

Her life was pretty 'normal', going out killing demons then going back to the institute. 

Until one strawberry blonde changed their worlds. Arabelle wasn't happy about it, she wasn't happy when Jace's attention went to Clary Fairchild. And she didn't like that all of her efforts were thrown to the trash can, she didn't like saving Clary Fairchild.

This is not a damsel in distress story; if anything, Arabelle was the knight in the shinning armor.

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i hate clary in the books and even more episodes in the TV show she's so whiny
Honestly I can't stand tv show Clary so I don't mind calling her a bitch in this fanfiction 😊😊
BubblyMusic BubblyMusic Jun 07
                              YOU'RE GETTING ON MY NERVES
                              YOU DON'T LOVE HER
                              STOP LYING WITH THOSE WORDS
I just saw the words Teen Wolf and I started to go crazy luckily I'm home alone LOL
Areonniell Areonniell Aug 21
Dang, these are amazing, honestly I can't even edit a bowl onto a table 
                              It's hard ok
Theo raekan Mike Montgomery and what other tv roles he's played