High School - Septiplier

High School - Septiplier

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A bond between two boys gets put to the test throughout their years in high school. Could the strong love they have for each other be enough to conquer it all? 

This was my first fan fiction story. It includes loads of bullshit, many grammatical errors, a horrible plot so read at your own risk. 

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Seàn has always been my spirit animal and now is no exception
I HATE when that happens in a dream. I feel like I'm going to die
Domino1057 Domino1057 Sep 03
7:45 am, but I have to get to my bus stop by 7:00.... I hate school
In my school if you drop a class they mark it as failed and if you fail 1 class you are ineligible for basically anything
Leonala1254 Leonala1254 Aug 15
I remember 6th grade was like that but people would mistake me for a 7th or 8th grader since I was so tall so I spent the whole first week explaining to people that I didn't flunk or got held back
All honors/ap classes are in the back of the hallways, and said hallways are on opposite sides of the Earth