High School - Septiplier

High School - Septiplier

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A bond between two boys gets put to the test throughout their years in high school. Could the strong love they have for each other be enough to conquer it all? 

This is my first fan-fiction and well my first time even writing a story! I really really hope you enjoy this!!!!

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- - Sep 05
SAME.  I have an Irish accent sometimes,  and a lot of times I sound British (IN NOT EVEN PART BRITISH)  and I used to have green hair and was made fun of alot
MY BEB (who else saw that mark shaved his beard I'm crafting right now)
My school starts at 8:30am XD NOT THAT IT MATTERS BUT I GET UP AT 6 XD
but not becasue your gay this school your going to is homophobic free right
My school is huge, the first day almost everyone looked so stupid 'Where am I going' 'follow the river in people' *gets trampled by high schoolers*
*loads shotgun* anyone else *says in a dark voice and gives deathglare*(WHATS WRONG WITH ACCENTS. SAY ANYTHING ELSE ABOUT ACCENTS AND I WILL BEAT THE SHITE OUT OF YE