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47 Ways to Kill Yourself - A Larry Fanfiction

47 Ways to Kill Yourself - A Larry Fanfiction

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Framethememories By framethememories Completed

Depression was slowly killing Louis. He had no one to go to. No friends to talk to. His mother, Jay, was barely home. He hid a black little journal under his mattress, where he thought it would never be found. In it, he wrote 47 ways to kill himself. The Styles visit every year, but this year his mother has forced him to share a room with the Styles' son, Harry, so his parents can have some alone time. Will Harry find out in time, or lose his true love to suicide? 

Please read, vote, comment. :D Thanks.

*Trigger Warning*

I HAVE KIK AGAIN: hazluvslou_

Please do no use my story to give you any negative ideas. I wrote hotline numbers in one of the notes. Please call one if necessary, or you can always message me if you need someone to talk to. Stay strong, because you don't deserve to be sad.

larryandfoscar larryandfoscar Nov 04, 2016
I never say goodnight because nights are almost never good, and you feel so alone when no one is answering.
steffanee16 steffanee16 Jan 04
i try reading this in harry's accent, but it kinda turns into a indian, mexican, irish accent. all in one.
StanOfZayn StanOfZayn Nov 23, 2016
I'm 16. I started self harm this year itself. 
                              Few months.I guess about 5 months ago to idk until when.
stanlysteamermemer stanlysteamermemer Dec 25, 2016
@FluffyGays You said so yourself in your little online diary bud. Not my fault that you're a liar. But let's be real, we all know your a 500-pound kid that writes about gay stuff to escape the misery of his own chubby junk-food infested life.
stanlysteamermemer stanlysteamermemer Dec 24, 2016
@FluffyGays Woah slow down there, chunky monkey. If you spent as much time exercising as you do writing horrible fanfiction maybe you wouldn't be so fat.
kitt_17 kitt_17 Dec 28, 2016
I thought he was spelling Lou is, and I was like "LOU IS WHAT?!?"