47 Ways to Kill Yourself - A Larry Fanfiction

47 Ways to Kill Yourself - A Larry Fanfiction

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Depression was slowly killing Louis. He had no one to go to. No friends to talk to. His mother, Jay, was barely home. He hid a black little journal under his mattress, where he thought it would never be found. In it, he wrote 47 ways to kill himself. The Styles visit every year, but this year his mother has forced him to share a room with the Styles' son, Harry, so his parents can have some alone time. Will Harry find out in time, or lose his true love to suicide? 

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*Trigger Warning*

I HAVE KIK AGAIN: hazluvslou_

Please do no use my story to give you any negative ideas. I wrote hotline numbers in one of the notes. Please call one if necessary, or you can always message me if you need someone to talk to. Stay strong, because you don't deserve to be sad.

Burning is actually the most popular technique bc it hurts more and heals quicker and leaves less of a scar
My parents divorced when I was 4. I genuinely thought it was because I got mad that they wouldn’t get me a bike.
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Now I'm feeling so bad for all these people in the comments because I'm always clean..
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Cmon guys you don't need to be known to be cool and i am sure u r really cool bc let's be real YOU SHIP LARRY
There’s this one girl in the back that always whispers so low when she gets called on, how low she talks gives me a bit of anxiety lmao
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You can bro. Just let your depression disappear like Harry's tattoo did