He Never Left (An Alternate Ending to Sock Opera)

He Never Left (An Alternate Ending to Sock Opera)

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Belle D. Cipher By -Belle_Cipher- Completed

(First book in the Seven Journals Series)

Mabel's Choice,
Dipper's a Ghost,
Bipper is here. 

But what happens when Bill is knocked out of Dippers' body?

What if Bill gets back?



One minute of doubt. 

Welcome to the Journals. 

You'll enjoy it. 

If you leave here alive. 

Note: In Editing Stage

Hey! BOOK 2 IS OUT. 

Disclaimer: I obviously only own this story. Not the GF characters. Those, my Friends, belong to Alex Hirsch

Bill is me.
                              I always chant my friends names until they respond
Be_The_Hero Be_The_Hero Aug 13
Mabel: Hey, how ya doing?
                              Dipper: Well I'm doing just fine 
                              Dipper: I lied. I'm dying inside
I did that to my friend when she cosplayed and Dipper and I cosplayed as Bill
*raises eyebrow smirking devilishly* 😏  yeah it's Bill.  
                              You finally realized he was INSIDE YOU the whole time?
                              I'm sorry I had to, I ship Billdip so much!
He should not have killed the lesson he should've killed the teacher 
                              *random conference people nod heads in agreement*
*scream*  NO! Bill-  I mean Dipper-   I mean. . .  *realizes no one shares the same thoughts* 😢 ugh