Two gems jasper x gem reader

Two gems jasper x gem reader

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glaciem_animarum By glaciem_animarum Completed

You are a gem called Aqua aura but everyone calls you y/n! 

Gem location: the side of your neck 

Gem color: blue

  • amethyst
  • garnet
  • jasper
  • jasperxreader
  • pearl
  • peridot
  • ruby
  • sapphire
  • steven
  • stevenuniverse
  • universe
  • xreader
  • yellowdiamond
StudioDia29 StudioDia29 Feb 17
Nope!!!!!!!!!!!! *puts on her light blue hoodie amd black sweatpants* tf is wrong with people and slutty clothes????
fnafwiserd fnafwiserd Sep 20, 2017
Apparently I have all the confidence in the world!! 
                              But still no friends *le cri*
nekosun nekosun Jul 21, 2017
...No...I am not brave enough to wear it.
                              *Puts on a sweater.*
SweaterWeather89 SweaterWeather89 Oct 01, 2017
I thought jasper was corrupted.And NOPE I'll put on a green hoodie,some jean shorts,and some back flipflops.but the stories good
mikutwins65 mikutwins65 Dec 31, 2017
I'm not trying to offend anyone in anyway but I don't wear stuff like that
Krinx_Rey_Pro Krinx_Rey_Pro Aug 05, 2017
ill take the convers and the jacket and have a nice dress shrit * man*