Blizzard // Graphic Shop II

Blizzard // Graphic Shop II

6.1K Reads 687 Votes 65 Part Story
『sʜɪʀᴏʜɪ ʏᴜᴋɪɴᴇ』 By OtakuForevz Updated Nov 26, 2016

[    C    L    O    S    E    D    ]
B L I Z Z A R D  G R A P H I C  S H O P
[ S Y ' S  G R A P H I X  1 S T  I N S T A L L M E N T  P T 2]

Pls visit XOXO Graphic Shop if you want to Request ^_^

This Book Contains: Covers (73-105)
Icons (3-17)
Banners (5-14)

Hello again! For the second time this is OtakuForevz or as some you know, Yuki!
➡Anime and Kpop 
➡Published and Unpublished 
➡Covers, Icons and Banners 

Feel free to request anytime!

() open
() finishing requests
() temp. close 
(✔) close

P.S The pictures I use are NOT MINE (I just got it on Google) all credits go to there rightful owners

Highest Rank: #374 on Random

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ᴄᴏᴍᴘʟᴇᴛᴇᴅ: [161115]


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KiRafunE KiRafunE Jun 02, 2016
And just reply on this,please don't PM me cause I can't reply! I can't verify my email cuz wattpad won't give me the activation code! No matter how many times I resend it....but I guess I'll  have to wait.
DarkPrincessInvader DarkPrincessInvader Jun 24, 2016
Author: MicreyvnJezree
                              Anime: Another
                              Title: Olivia the Apprentice
                              Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
                              Status: published
                              Characters: Izumi Akazawa 
                              Background: Dark with blue lightnings
                              Thank you for everything :-)
rackelliee rackelliee Oct 29, 2016
Title: Cheer Up!
                              Author: RacKelLiee
                              Anime/Manga: Fairy Tail
                              Genre: Romance/Humor
                              Status: Published
                              Character: Gray Fullbuster
                              Background and Color: Anything that suits the title :)
                              Mood: Happy
KiRafunE KiRafunE Jun 08, 2016
Backround: Dark
                              It became a happy face cuz this : and this D was put together
ChouChouJay ChouChouJay Jun 19, 2016
Author: HiyoriSora
                              Anime: Free!
                              Title: Sora's Cover Workshop
                              Quote: -
                              Genre: Romance, Yaoi, Sports
                              Status: Published
                              Characters: Rei, Rin, Nagisa, Haru & Makoto
                              Background: Anything is up to you
                              Mood: Happy, Energetic, Hyper
                              Summary: -
                              Font: Anything is up to you
TheYoukia TheYoukia Jun 25, 2016
author: _TheAnimeGirl_101
                              Anime: fairytales 
                              Title: Meant To Be?
                              Genre: drama, fantasy 
                              Status: almost published 
                              Characters: Lucy heartfila and Nastu Dragneel 
                              Background: ummm you can choose 
                              Quote: "We're We Meant To Be.."
                              Colors: maybe a blue 
                              Type of font: bold 
                              Mood: dramatic