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AJ By liagibar Updated Oct 07

Roy, Red Arrow.  Dick, Robin. Wally, Kid Flash.  Artemis, Artemis.  Megan, Miss Martian.  Conner, Superboy.  Kaldur, Aqualad.  The unstoppable young team of teens.  Or are they?

The team's not working well with each other.  Arguments keep happening, and so do accidents.  And this time, it's not only Artemis and Wally.  Megan and Conner are on thin ice, Kaldur and Roy said some things they didn't mean.  Dick's getting all mad at Artemis for spilling his identity.  And it even went as far as someone saying that they wished that Young Justice never happened.  

Batman assigns them to a slightly dangerous recon mission.  But all mission start out as recons don't they?  They don't really end like that though.  Something went terribly wrong and the team is sucked into an alternate reality that is set years into the future, where Young Justice never happened.

Will they learn to love each other, and figure out how much each of them means?  Will they learn that they are all important parts of a puzzle, that is very significant?  And most important, can they escape?

Evey-M Evey-M Oct 05
If this happened with me and any of my friends, I wouldn't even be screaming, I'd be crying and rocking myself to calm repeating "It'll be alright. It'll be alright..."
What did Robin actually do?
                              I bet he's feeling attacked right now