New Teammate (Damian Wayne X Reader)

New Teammate (Damian Wayne X Reader)

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Theresa Charles By Keversteen Updated Aug 02

Y/n's life was already screwed up when Robin joined the Teen Titans. She was a teenager who was a superhero named Starling, her past is dark but Damian doesn't know that. They hated each other as soon as they met. 

But when Damian hears about her past he softens, and he also develops unknown feeling towards the fun loving girl known as Y/n. 

Could this hot headed son of Batman be falling for this fun loving jokester?

え?あなたはちょうど私を迷惑と呼びましたか? !まず、私は迷惑ではありません。第二に、同意なしに人々名前呼ぶのは無礼です。
trapiscool trapiscool Aug 30
Of course.........That sounds so much like Damian.
                                  "Why I'm the best Robin of course"
Yeah, for being too awesome for them.
                              *dies of awesomeness*
Starling is fine my dude~ buuuuuuut! The one liners are killing me crazy dou 😎