She's Dominant (SPG/Restricted) [Revised]

She's Dominant (SPG/Restricted) [Revised]

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InkofAnonymous By InkofAnonymous Completed

[TAGLISH] Alena was a victim of dominance; her dreams, freedom, and self, got all shattered because of it. Out of desperation, she put herself into situations where she can be Dominant-in bed. There she was able to satisfy the dominance she longed for. Never she discover, her dreams, freedom and lost parts of herself, will come to life: Her name is Maria. She's not a victim of dominance. She's not suppose to be dominant also but she desperately become one.

What made these two personality fall in one role?  What made them both fall into a conclusion that...She's Dominant.

This is not your ordinary romance, not an ordinary battle for love, memories and self. 

WARNING: Some parts may contain serious topic and theme, which may not be suitable for young readers. Read at your own risk. 

Genre: Psychological - Erotic

  • alterego
  • bdsm
  • bondaging
  • discipline
  • dominant
  • erotic
  • inkofanonymous
  • love
  • masochism
  • master
  • pain
  • psychological
  • restricted
  • roleplay
  • romance
  • sadism
  • sadomasochism
  • slave
  • spg
  • submissive
Leypricorn Leypricorn Aug 21, 2016
I can't believe that I'm actually reading one of your works! This one was giving me intimidation yet it's composition was taking me to another place in this world. Nice story by the way.