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She's Dominant (SPG/Restricted) [Revised]

She's Dominant (SPG/Restricted) [Revised]

132K Reads 1.5K Votes 52 Part Story
InkofAnonymous By InkofAnonymous Completed

[TAGLISH] Alena was a victim of dominance; her dreams, freedom, and self, got all shattered because of it. Out of desperation, she put herself into situations where she can be Dominant-in bed. There she was able to satisfy the dominance she longed for. Never she discover, her dreams, freedom and lost parts of herself, will come to life: Her name is Maria. She's not a victim of dominance. She's not suppose to be dominant also but she desperately become one.

What made these two personality fall in one role?  What made them both fall into a conclusion that...She's Dominant.

This is not your ordinary romance, not an ordinary battle for love, memories and self. 

WARNING: Some parts may contain serious topic and theme, which may not be suitable for young readers. Read at your own risk. 

Genre: Psychological - Erotic

  • alterego
  • bdsm
  • bondaging
  • discipline
  • dominant
  • erotic
  • inkofanonymous
  • love
  • masochism
  • master
  • pain
  • psychological
  • restricted
  • roleplay
  • romance
  • sadism
  • sadomasochism
  • slave
  • spg
  • submissive