The Ranting Project

The Ranting Project

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makeandoffer By makeandoffer Updated Jul 21, 2015

Everyone has them. Pet Peeves, things so little and mediocre but yet they make you so angry you feel the need to head butt a window. Everyone has different things that get on their last nerve.

In order to be happier, calmer and friendlier people I strongly believe the healthiest thing to do is rant until you are blue in the face and the wildlife around you has run away to hide for the winter. 

When in doubt, let it out. Or get it out, but I think that is a saying for a very different (and dirtier) situation.

So this is what this book is about. Bitching until we become better people.

Welcome to The Ranting Project.


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aalmanza12 aalmanza12 Aug 11
Oh and my biggest pet peeve is people interrupting me while I'm talking, which makes me a huge hypocrite since I always interrupt people
jforjadaaa jforjadaaa Jun 05
why are you guys taking it so serious . ... it's a joke lol .
aalmanza12 aalmanza12 Aug 11
I love TWD, and I was laughing my ass off cuz if that video😂😂
I hate when someone knows my pet peeves and they do it to piss me the fvck of like wtf
CrazyBipolarChild CrazyBipolarChild Nov 30, 2016
                              WHEN I LEAVE BRUSH MY TEETH WITH A BOTTLE OF JACK!!!
                              AND WHEN I LEAVE FOR THE NIGHT I AIN'T COMIN' BACK!!!
                              TAKIN' OFF ALL MY CLOTHES [CLOTHES]
                              SOMETHING SOMETHING SOMETHING!!!!
My biggest pet peeve is someone telling me that I can't fvcking draw.
                              Me: Bish have you seen my fvcking artwork?! I doubt it, so you can leave right now before I bish-slap you to New Fvcking Jersey where you belong