Into Your World (Angel) (Ally/You)

Into Your World (Angel) (Ally/You)

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Alex By waffle_hernandez Updated Nov 13

Angels, they're beautiful from afar, but more breathtaking up close. And as humans, they easily blind us and make us be reborn. But, certain angels blind us and allow us into their world.

Y/n Payne is demigod daughter of three different Olympians and the last descendent of an ancient vampire clan. Beside being an immortal, she's also the Guardian Angel of her destined love, Ally.

Allyson Brooke Hernandez is an adorable ball of sunshine and the last demigod Angel of the two greatest Olympians. And her best mistake is being in love with her Guardian Angel, Y/n Payne.

For the first, real love will fly into the world of Angels. And, if the love is honesty, then nothing can stop it to paradise. Unless, feelings become tangled up by two or more angels.

So, can true love stay loyal even when more angels unexpectedly arrive?

[You're Liam's female version
You have blue eyes and are 5'11
Your hair color is light brown and it's wavy]

Awesome father/friend right there *said sarcastically *...👏👏👏