Angels: Gods of War (Ally/You) [On Hold]

Angels: Gods of War (Ally/You) [On Hold]

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Angels, the most beautiful and breathtaking spirits, disguised as humans. Vampires, dangerous and protective, towards loved ones. And demigods, those who have it all, in one. Three of the many myths, roaming around earth.

Y/n Payne, the legendary demigod daughter of Zeus, Poseidon, and Aphrodite, three of the Twelve Olympians. Y/n is also one of the last descendants of the Salvatore family, an ancient vampire clan.

Ally Brooke Hernandez, the only demigod angel of Ares and Athena, two of the greatest warriors of the Twelve Olympians. But, Ally doesn't even known, she's different, from stereotypical demigods.

JB Salvatore, Y/n's eldest vampire brother and also the second demigod child of Aphrodite. JB is calm and laidback, but quite intense, when provoked. So, no one dares messing with him.

Three demigods, from different backgrounds, will unite, to stop another war, from breaking amongst the Twelve Olympians. But, even a family reunion, isn't enough, to end rivalries, love deceptions and infidelities.

But, when an unexpected love-triangle develops, more than love, will be put to the test. Leading the demigods to wonder, if they feel lust or true love. Just, that if your a descendant of an Olympian, love, isn't in the memo.

But, between gods and wars, love rules above all.

Or, does the lust of power, rule above love?

[You're Liam's female version
You have blue eyes and are 5'11
Your hair color is light brown and is wavy]

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