Beautiful cover created by My_Sweet_Paradise

She has Leukemia.
He is an underground fighter.
He is fighting to be free from his past.
She is fighting to live.

  • death
  • family
  • fight
  • friendships
  • illegal
  • killer
  • leukemia
  • love
  • machine
  • underground
Katie_Mcchensey Katie_Mcchensey Apr 03, 2017
15?! I'm 15 and i cant even get the lollie kind of smokes because apparently they look real and it will set a "bad vibe".
- - May 31, 2017
I'm an atheist and a girl who sits next to me in class said that I needed the lord I wanted to tell her she needed a good punch to the face but I held my tongue
XxmaturereaderxX XxmaturereaderxX Nov 10, 2017
When you’re an atheist but your parents are Christians and they totally disagree with this basically
PierceTheOliSykes PierceTheOliSykes Apr 04, 2017
I am only fifteen years old. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA ohhhhh I'm out cyaaaa
apotato34 apotato34 Jun 02, 2017
My Opa's a priest but too bad I'm lesbian and practice witchcraft
MimiPaige26 MimiPaige26 2 days ago
most people hope it won’t, but i really hope this f uck s with my emotions