Her Diary, His Diary

Her Diary, His Diary

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A. By AngelLace143 Updated Jul 08, 2016

A book is hidden in the corner of the library. Hidden from just anyone, but revealed for anyone. 

Thea Featherstone, 17 and a senior at Rockview High School, happens to be that 'anyone' who found the book stashed in a corner of the school library . However, she wasn't the first one. Another person has already beat her to it by writing a note inside the empty book. Intrigued by the message, Thea writes her own. 

Felix Atwood, 17, a senior of Rockview High School and never met Thea, until he entered her psychology class on a friday afternoon and his brilliance in the subject sparked an interest in Thea ever since the first lesson. 

As the days go by, Thea gradually develops a connection for the anonymous writer but at the same time, she can't get rid of Felix from her mind. 

Does she want to be with the quirky and funny guy who has a messy handwriting or does she want to be with the timid and quiet Felix Atwood?