UNTOUCHABLE! (Completed)

UNTOUCHABLE! (Completed)

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DanMcGivney By danmcgivney Updated Apr 19

Coby is one of the popular and known student on his school. Every time they heard his name, the only thing that popped into their heads is that he's sex himself judging from his look and body. Rumors has it that he banged almost all the girls on the school and even guys invites him on their beds... but Coby got a secret that no one knows except for his sister and an eavesdropper who communicates him via phone saying he knew his secret. 

Coby freaked out and later he knew that his stalker was a man and the next leader of an illegal organization.


Extra chapters is still ongoing. . . and there's no certain date when I will update.

Yo. He's just giving it away. Usually stalkers be like, "I'll kill your third grandma on your dad's side if you continue finding me out."
cheung12 cheung12 May 06
I'm rerun for this story... this is the 3rd time.... love it....
                              So why is Camille so protective with Coby? ... It's so funny how she bark at everyone who's trying to asked Coby for lunch wkwkk... like a mother hen...
zionluvgrn zionluvgrn 5 days ago
Be glad they just took five points off (unless you're like me whose dumb asf and needs all the points I can get). My teachers usually give you the big 0 for cheating
Dude, keep up on the grammar of your story, 'cause since the 'stalker' didn't tell if he was a girl or a boy but now we know cuz you said it's a him...
                              I mean... Where's the thrill in that???
MayaSchenk MayaSchenk Jan 16
Divergent!!! Omg I loved four (Tobias) ....
                              Sorry that has nothing to do with him