Just Give It Time (Tom X Reader) DISCONTINUED

Just Give It Time (Tom X Reader) DISCONTINUED

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Blaze By Qalaxzy Updated Feb 13, 2017

(Y/N)'s life was going south, only having a few people she could trust. Not trusting many people made her life even harder but, she has reasons.

Sometimes, it's hard but maybe, just maybe, she'll make it through.

Requested by a very close and dear friend of mine <3

Edit; 2nd in tomxreader!!

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- - Dec 09, 2017
How tall is this house that i need a mattress to safely land
LunarxxEclipse LunarxxEclipse 3 days ago
I'm used to running (I plays Dem ders sports), I'm fine with it.
Creepy_Girl345 Creepy_Girl345 Nov 19, 2017
this book is still on my suggestions. I'M READIN' IT /RIGHT NOW/ WATTPAD! CHILL!
idfcmellody idfcmellody Jan 06
He was walking around with a loaded shot gun 
                              Ready to fire me a hot one yeah~ohh~
                              He shot he shot me bang bang he shot me 
                              Bang bang 
                              A meme go check it out 
                              Song she shot me or bang bang
                               from khan something
This happened to me before, but instead my mom left when I was about 6 or so(which I remember ), my father was drunk, and my older sister stayed to protect me. We once jumped out of the window to walk to my older sisters friends house, to get away from my dad.
idfcmellody idfcmellody Jan 06
                              AND CUTE!
                              *matt* Yay!
                              Damit matt y u so cute?