Don't Save My Life

Don't Save My Life

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Artsytaco By Artsytaco Updated Oct 06, 2013

(First Draft, expect errors)

He needed to remember...
      What she wanted to forget...

He shouldn't have saved her, he didn't have to. Or at least, that’s what everyone’s told him. To be honest, Emmett doesn't know what to think. The amnesia took every shred of recollection of that tragic day. All he wants is to be able to remember. The only problem with that is he was one of the only two survivors. And according to everyone else, the other survivor, Willa Haldon may as well have died too. 

Willa wants nothing more to do with her life in her secluded South Carolina beach town. She’d give anything to get far away and start new, where she isn't known as the daughter of a killer. But Emmett won’t let her do this, not as long as he is searching for his own closure. Soon the two discover that they have more to fear than the past catching up. Now they have to fight the biggest threat in their lives, falling in love with each other. 

Tell me what you think of the new cover :)

RainWhisker RainWhisker Jan 31, 2014
Rather like it so far! It's intriguing and I enjoy the mystery around what she did and what happened. I'm definitely hooked!
RainWhisker RainWhisker Jan 31, 2014
Is "Emmett" another character? Like that's his POV? And are Emmett and Emmet two different characters? Just a little confused there.
Artsytaco Artsytaco Aug 11, 2013
@Nour1000 yay! Your comment made me so happy! And okay about the cover thing, i guess I better stop being lazy and make a new one :P
ElenaJane ElenaJane Aug 10, 2013
I'm really glad I asked you to make the cover because I actually really like this! I've never read anything like this before! Awesome!
Abby_Hope Abby_Hope Aug 08, 2013
You have an amazing storyline here, your plot is original and different , you need to have more reads on this :)
Abby_Hope Abby_Hope Aug 08, 2013
But one thing maybe add a little more details/descriptions that's all Realy but this is Realy a good story )