Percy Jackson And Magnus Chase Crossover

Percy Jackson And Magnus Chase Crossover

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Superfreaky13 By Kodbro Completed

Note: this is not actually what happens. I just wondered what it would be like to write my own fan fiction. So I decided to use Percy And Magnus. 

All credits go to Rick Riordon. I own none of the characters. 

An amazing author by the way... 

As for this short story, it takes place after the war with Gaia in Percy's world and after fighting Fenris Wolf in Magnus world. 

So enjoy. :) 

And please no haters. But if there is something majorly wrong in here then please let me know. This is my very first fanfiction which I merely wrote for enjoyment. 

So if you like it then that's awesome!

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myers4girls myers4girls Jul 25
I just watched Thor movies cause I'm marathoning Marvel movies with a friend so I just keep picturing the movies when words like these are in here
I just realized if someone were to call Magnus the Magnus Chase it would legit be the Great Chase because Magnus is a Latin root meaning great
lol4laughs lol4laughs Mar 31
Um...I'm sorry but wasn't Annabeth supposed to be WISE?? and I don't know... Maybe, just maybe, remember that she had an uncle...
                              *Sarcastically read*
Haha, yeah don't come near me...*backs away muttering something about live organisms*
IamRichFan IamRichFan Jan 25
Annabeth SUPPOSED to strangle her uncle Randolph when he sent them to find Magnus dude.....
CuoreFiamma CuoreFiamma Dec 15, 2016
Bruh. You forgot about the uncle you were going to strangle?