The Desperado: Echoes of Silence book2✔️ (sequel: August Alsina and Rihanna)

The Desperado: Echoes of Silence book2✔️ (sequel: August Alsina and Rihanna)

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Chy Illustrations ❤️ By Chy_Seoul Completed

The Desperado: Echoes of Silence. Sequel to The Desperado: power. 

Though this is a work of fiction, this story contains real places and establishments which will be used both fictitiously and factually. This story is not to promote and form of business or particular place (restaurant, building, etc...) This story will contain violence, a little gore/blood, fantasy, sexual acts, A LOT OF FUCKING CURSING, AND werewolves(hence the fantasy part). If this not this is not the story for you, please exit this book now. Thank you.
This story is in, Texas.

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KingAugustAlsina KingAugustAlsina Jun 03, 2016
I hope he doesn't come back as some evil monster. 😥😥😥
__Lialihhhx3 __Lialihhhx3 Jun 03, 2016
Now that's true love she risked her life just to have him back and alive
__Lialihhhx3 __Lialihhhx3 Jun 03, 2016
Nigga you just better help after all the bs ya crazy brother done did
__Lialihhhx3 __Lialihhhx3 Jun 03, 2016
Yassss Liam is alive ! *starts to twerk like a crazy person*