Exquisite Poison (COMPLETE NOVEL)

Exquisite Poison (COMPLETE NOVEL)

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Sabine Blackwood (Sabi) By SabineBlackwood Updated Dec 29, 2016

A tender sacrifice.

"Be careful what you wish for." Ash's voice rubbed inside of Netta's mind, intimate and subtle in sinister, double intent.   "I take pride in making you regret your many wants, desires - Master." 
As a child, Netta had made a wish upon a Monster. It was too late before she realized that not all imaginary friends can be forgotten. And that she was not safe from her boogeyman.  
A Human's lifetime after being disowned from her family, Netta discovers that believing in a dark fairytale may not be the worst fate she could suffer from.
Her people still fear discovery by humans.  Or their destruction, at the hands of the very creatures which they take their power from.  

And the death they once brought to mankind.
Magic is decaying, and the world seems no longer a place for Witches or Monsters.   In this numb cold, Netta discovers that no matter how far she has run from It, she cannot escape Ashwood as much as she cannot run forever away from her own kind.

The only way to survive may be to make a deal with her very personal devil.

There's this one book on this site that pisses me off and I wish I could send this to the writer.
ThatOneSunflowerGirl ThatOneSunflowerGirl Aug 09, 2016
Wow. Wonderful first sentence. "Show, don't tell" has definitely been applied here!
AhhnaJolieCopley87 AhhnaJolieCopley87 Sep 13, 2016
I wholeheartedly agree...Had to take a break after reading this...
Wordtoyamother Wordtoyamother Jul 25, 2016
I couldn't tell you why so don't ask me but this opening makes me excited to read.
JeannetteKeats JeannetteKeats Jul 29, 2016
Amen, love the commentary about classic works and the John Waters quote.
MistressOP MistressOP Jun 01, 2016
the gainfully employed line was funny. IT takes people longer to write some can pump it out fast. Go at a speed your comfortable with.