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Friends Yesterday, Lovers Today =Gaurance FF=

Friends Yesterday, Lovers Today =Gaurance FF=

30.8K Reads 1.3K Votes 20 Part Story
Untameable & Car By UntameableCar Updated Jan 23

Garroth and Laurance both have feelings for one another, yet the two males are too afraid to confess their feelings afraid to destroy their friendship. One day, one of them just couldn't handle it anymore and spills out their feelings to the other. Will he take the other's confession as a joke, or will the two become lovers?

Written by @UntameableWriter and @CarWritesFanfic

Whew! The story almost advanced too quickly there! So glad you caught yourself there buddy!
KBhachimitsu KBhachimitsu Dec 21, 2016
Fudge you Laurence!! I was warming up to a gaurence moment! 😵😑😑
KBhachimitsu KBhachimitsu Dec 21, 2016
At first few sentences I like : 😄😄😄😣😣😄😄
                              And then after what Dante said I was like : 😅😅😂😂😂😂😂👏👏👏
Sethxgaming Sethxgaming Jan 08
Me:My baby boy you need to step up and man up now Garroth he loves you 
                              Garroth:oh wow
                              Me:you break my boys heart I kill you got it
                              Laurence:yaaaaaaaaaaas*runs around room*
KBhachimitsu KBhachimitsu Dec 21, 2016
My main man Dante and the other one is Katelyn (if you didn't know she's also a  fan of gaurance) hahaha the two characters 
                              who understands 🙌🙌🙌
This was actually put into an aphmau fan vid by PossiFox on YouTube go check her out guys! It's something about stars