Unbecoming Humans (F/F)

Unbecoming Humans (F/F)

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Brianna Kienitz By BeeKienitz Completed

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Aria and the other residents of the secluded compound had it all, a huge, beautiful place to live, three excellent meals a day, a top notch education, and a future as the rulers of humanity. To top it all off, they have the best genes humanity has to offer, but it all comes at a price. Aria and the eleven others like her are prisoners, involuntary participants in an experimental genetic project aimed at preserving humanity. They can never leave the compound on pain of death. All they can do is sit and wait for the coming apocalypse to pass, so that they can fulfill their purpose.

Aria has all but given up on caring about much of anything. Her parents have been consumed by their work as the leaders of the cult of scientists who run the project. They stopped thinking of her as anything besides a test subject years ago. Aria is alienated from  the other residents, who do not share her misgivings about the program. Over the years, Aria has learned the hard way that resistance is futile and painful, so why bother anymore? That is, until a tall, dark, and beautiful stranger is assigned to the room next to hers.

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CallOfTheWolves99 CallOfTheWolves99 Sep 01, 2017
Since they're scientists, I would have expected they figured out how to reproduce between Female and Female.
ShakingTyJo ShakingTyJo Aug 20, 2017
I'm getting slight "The 100" vibes from this and I'm digging
this reminds me of that place where eleven escaped from in stranger things
mechver mechver Feb 17
Man ! That must be hard not be able to read diverse things !
                              I am sure if she got a chance to read girl×girl books.. she would never turn back ! ;-)
Did the woman trip over nothing? Like all woman do in the movies
SavySkates SavySkates Dec 07, 2017
I’m seriously loving this book so far. I’m only on chapter two and can see it is written well!