Glass Dragons

Glass Dragons

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Holly Hamilton By hrhamilton Updated 3 days ago

Few trades are seen as dishonourable as a ninja. Yuna, a seventeen-year-old girl raised to kill, lie and spy, longs for the day she won't have to hide in shadows and will be revered throughout the land. It seems nothing more than a foolish dream until the Emperor himself hires her.

If she succeeds with her mission, she'll become a Hanshi - legendary warriors who wield the light. Everything she's ever wished for lies before her, and although she's never failed a mission, success won't be easy.

A most troublesome rebellion is stirring, one led by a supposedly dead prince who seeks to overthrow his uncle. She is to infiltrate their ranks and earn their trust, but earning the favour of her grumpy instructor seems an impossible task.

Yuna's path leads her to a terrible choice: one between her friends or her dream.

| Fantasy | Action | Adventure | Romance |
      A young adult high fantasy set in a fictional world inspired by ancient Chinese and Japanese culture. This story will be updated every Tuesday and Friday until completion.

SilentLeopard SilentLeopard 6 days ago
Man, finally there's someone else here that uses British English.
Dragon_Writer993 Dragon_Writer993 Dec 12, 2016
This is gonna be weird because I'm American, but I've read the first chapter and I think it's worth it
cheonsa01 cheonsa01 Oct 26, 2016
Omg yes, this song is so good. I'm surprise that a British person have such good taste in music, I applaud to you.😁😍👏👏
koneko__chan__ koneko__chan__ 21 hours ago
The only reason why I don't write using the British English is because I was raised very American so it's burned into my mind no matter how hard I try to change it. Also autocorrect is mean to me.
CoralWalk CoralWalk Nov 01, 2016
Oh, British, English is mixed anyway
                              nice song as well ^_^
- - Oct 13, 2016
I have a book that needs a map, it's kind of a complicated area.