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Cute But Psycho. Things Even Out! [Discontinued]

Cute But Psycho. Things Even Out! [Discontinued]

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Alexandria Michelle By TheFlamingPopsicle Updated Apr 10, 2012

Skye Rivers’s life was destined for strangeness from the day of her birth. Considering her parents gave her the middle name ‘Danger’, that wasn’t exactly hard to believe. 

When Skye inadvertently makes Danny, her friend Lila’s boyfriend, fall for her, she finds it’s very hard to make someone understand what the word N-O means. 

Skye already has other problems on her hands without Danny’s drama, like the fact that the boys’ basketball team wants her to play on their team when a scandal cuts the team short. It doesn’t help that she has a crush on the star of the team, either. 

And then suddenly she is forced to have Arden Grove, the son of Maddie and Paul, two family friends, tutor her when she starts failing Spanish, and the one memory she has of him isn't exactly good. So Skye finds herself in a love rectangle, as nerdy as that sounds. 

This becomes the least of Skye’s worries when everyone but her best friend Danielle deserts her when rumors start spreading, and an enemy of Shay’s that she believed to be gone comes back for vengeance. But this time, the enemy has no interest in Shay when he meets Shay’s daughters and determines that they would be what would hurt Shay the most.

ChaeChaeIsCrayCray ChaeChaeIsCrayCray Jan 26, 2016
Why would you discontinue this???? I wanted to read the whole thing!!! finish the story!!!! pleeeeease???
ThinkingoutLoudxXx ThinkingoutLoudxXx Oct 29, 2014
@LivesAreOverrated sorry, but why were you staring at his nipples? Why not stare at hid virtuous abs instead.
ThinkingoutLoudxXx ThinkingoutLoudxXx Oct 29, 2014
Fake abs?! ha. another reason to not like RP.
                              Virtual abs! LOL!
LivesAreOverrated LivesAreOverrated Jul 02, 2014
Agreed, RB....not the hottest guy! And it looked like he had a nipple-bruise in that scene...just me?
UstheCrazies UstheCrazies May 15, 2013
The title is actually the story of my friends life she's cute but a wackado granted considering i just used that word i'm not exactly right in the head but thats like a nessecity to be my friend so oh well
ValarieCotton ValarieCotton Mar 29, 2012
I see this book but where is the first book? Looked on your listing and cant find it. Would love to read that first.