A New Story (Haikyuu X Male Reader)

A New Story (Haikyuu X Male Reader)

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I'm_alone <3 By Trinityfazbear Updated Aug 21, 2016

   This is my first story, so DONT JUDGE please! PS. This is a yaoi, which is boy x boy so don't like, don't read.

   This story is about you, (y/n), and how you moved from (c/n) to Japan. You meet the volleyball club and become their friends but is that really all that they want? Maybe they want to be something more...

   I hope you enjoy this story and don't hate me for it. Just at least try to like it. Please and thank you. BYE!!!

I hope there aren't any spoilers in here because I haven't even finished to show yet
There's not. I haven't finished the show just yet either. Plus, I'm not that mean! (^J^) Kolkolkol
Misaki_Vargas Misaki_Vargas Dec 11, 2016
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