Earth's Altar [Twice Featured!]

Earth's Altar [Twice Featured!]

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G. F. Berntsen By Frode92 Completed

The discovery of an ancient corpse sets in motion a chain of events long-prophesied by Native American mystics.

It begins with a red sunrise ...

Seattle bachelor Peter Barshman's mundane life is shattered by a deadly fire and the arrival of a mysterious young Israeli woman obsessed with a stolen artifact.

At the same time, semi-retired virologist R. K. Brisling M.D. is pulled back into his tragic past and confronted by an epidemic beyond his wildest fears.  

Is there a link between the epidemic, the artifact and the ancient corpse?  Only one man knows, watching from his tower of smoky glass.

EARTH'S ALTAR is a bold reimagining of the biblical story of Noah and the Ark.  If you like the works of Dan Brown or Michael Crichton (or just a story well-told), then jump in and join the desperate race for the truth--and a place on the Ark.  

Will there be a place for you?

Here's what others are saying about EARTH'S ALTAR:

"... This is definitely one of the best books I've ever read on WP!" -- @linahanson, Wattpad Ambassador

"Intelligent, mysterious, beautifully written ..." -- @Megerah111

"Wow.  Best book I ever read on Wattpad ... Two story lines (scientific and historic/religious) running parallel until the end, keeping us guessing throughout.  Strong characters (good and evil) all playing their part.  Is this the real Bible?  Loved it.  Well done." -- @cadewich

"Very Dan Brown like ...  I've read all of his novels.  For storytelling, attention to research, and writing style, I'd put [@Frode92's] writing on par with his." -- @elmerseward

"Your story is epic, phenomenal, a masterpiece .. I seriously effing love this book ... Thank you for this beauty." -- @LostIn2Sight

"Wild from start to finish.  I absolutely loved every second of it." -- @beanlord69

"Gorgeous writing ... This story was absolutely fascinating ... just incredible!" -- @Jagermeanshunter

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KLCandela KLCandela Mar 10
Very good writing. Alive and energetic, great pace and mystery built in well.
SallyMason1 SallyMason1 Apr 17
Really enjoyed the hook and you built an amazing atmosphere. Instinctively rubbed my hands to stay warm :)
lyttlejoe lyttlejoe Oct 02
Thank you for this honour. Can't tell you what it feels like to have my name attached to this work in this way.
mickhurl mickhurl Jul 20
Under her arm he held orange helm.   I believe it should be she
Wow what a beginning!! This is fascinating and intriguing - I LOVE archaeology! Plus your characterizations are awesome! :D ~Elisabeth #ironlaceawards
Wow this makes me feel intelligent 😀😁💞
                              Lovelots author..