Earth's Altar [Twice Featured!]

Earth's Altar [Twice Featured!]

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G. F. Berntsen By Frode92 Updated Oct 08

The discovery of an ancient corpse sets in motion a chain of events long-prophesied by Native American mystics.

It begins with a red sunrise ...

Seattle bachelor Peter Barshman's mundane life is shattered by a deadly fire and the arrival of a mysterious young Israeli woman obsessed with a stolen artifact.

At the same time, semi-retired virologist R. K. Brisling M.D. is pulled back into his tragic past and confronted by an epidemic beyond his wildest fears.  

Is there a link between the epidemic, the artifact and the ancient corpse?  Only one man knows, watching from his tower of smoky glass.

EARTH'S ALTAR is a bold reimagining of the biblical story of Noah and the Ark.  If you like the works of Dan Brown or Michael Crichton (or just a story well-told), then jump in and join the desperate race for the truth--and a place on the Ark.  

Will there be a place for you?

Here's what others are saying about EARTH'S ALTAR:

"... This is definitely one of the best books I've ever read on WP!" -- @linahanson, Wattpad Ambassador

"Intelligent, mysterious, beautifully written ..." -- @Megerah111

"Wow.  Best book I ever read on Wattpad ... Two story lines (scientific and historic/religious) running parallel until the end, keeping us guessing throughout.  Strong characters (good and evil) all playing their part.  Is this the real Bible?  Loved it.  Well done." -- @cadewich

"Very Dan Brown like ...  I've read all of his novels.  For storytelling, attention to research, and writing style, I'd put [@Frode92's] writing on par with his." -- @elmerseward

"Your story is epic, phenomenal, a masterpiece .. I seriously effing love this book ... Thank you for this beauty." -- @LostIn2Sight

"Wild from start to finish.  I absolutely loved every second of it." -- @beanlord69

"Gorgeous writing ... This story was absolutely fascinating ... just incredible!" -- @Jagermeanshunter

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anupamarc anupamarc Oct 25
Very polished work and very well written. I liked the idea of using an unusual location to start off with.
Frode92 Frode92 Oct 25
Thanks! I’m asking the reader to carry this location/event for a few chapters, so i hope it’s at least memorable.
KLCandela KLCandela Mar 10
Very good writing. Alive and energetic, great pace and mystery built in well.
anupamarc anupamarc Oct 25
I have been in one of these and the description here is spot on. I presume you have been in one yourself
SallyMason1 SallyMason1 Apr 17
Really enjoyed the hook and you built an amazing atmosphere. Instinctively rubbed my hands to stay warm :)
lyttlejoe lyttlejoe Oct 02
Thank you for this honour. Can't tell you what it feels like to have my name attached to this work in this way.