Beyond the Tower

Beyond the Tower

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Kay Wisteria By wisteriaflower Completed

Cast out of the tower where she's been locked up her whole life, Ivy is suddenly all alone in the desert with nothing to call her own, not even her name. Starvation seems inevitable until Leon, a chivalrous merchant comes along to bring her to a city she's never heard of before. From there, life could be perfect were Ivy not still caught up on the secret love affair she harbored in her tower, the one thing that seemed to keep her going, through days of misery. 

And so begins a whirlwind of adventures. In her quest to find her love, Ivy encounters a family of dwarfs, a beached mermaid, a small town fairy, and all manner of things she could never have dreamed of. Most importantly, she begins to discover who she truly is and what is really means to love.

***Winner of the FairytaleCommunity Mix-Up Novel Contest***
Started 5/29/16 - Completed 2/12/17
#56 Fantasy 2/5/17
Cover made by @Pennywithaney

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purple_porpoise purple_porpoise Aug 02, 2017
Reminds me of people who have been released from prison wanting to go back to prison.
EchoSagal EchoSagal Aug 27, 2017
Ok, this entire part was very . . . tedious. I guess the tediousness and drawn out narration has an appeal to syntax, it could symbolise how tedious and draining her trek in the desert is. Yet, as an opening part, I don't think a lifeless, goading approach may be the best.
P-Oenothera P-Oenothera Aug 20, 2017
As much as I adore this first paragraph, the sentences were formatted in a strange, unclear way. Haha The first two sentences aren't actually sentences, and that broke the flow for me.
Bellanary Bellanary Feb 07
I'm loving this so far, its such great writing ^^ but then again I love anything Rapunzel! ❤
EchoSagal EchoSagal Aug 27, 2017
I think her losing her sanity is an exaggeration. when one loses their sanity they're convinced otherwise.
AJRyter AJRyter Sep 17, 2017
Is this some fruit you've invented or is she eating an orange with the skin still on? If so no wonder she thinks it's awful.