I, Yes I Rejected The Alpha/ I, Yes I Was Stolen

I, Yes I Rejected The Alpha/ I, Yes I Was Stolen

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Jess Amy Agnes By PyromaniacKillerPoet Completed

Lucille, or Lucifer as her pack mates nicknamed her, has got no time for love. 

Lucille is a irresponsible childish 18 year old. After desperately trying to avoid the Mating ceremony she ends up meeting her mate after all: The Alpha of the pack that runs the wolf Government. 

Then she rejects and insults him. 

Her furious father sends her away with him to be his mate. Angry, Lucille does everything she possibly can to avoid becoming his mate. 

However the Luna Goddess is never wrong. 

So will she succeed in avoiding her mate or will the strength of the Luna Goddess's bond overcome her?

Credit to @LillyWalkerWrites for the fab book cover
Highest Rank - #159 Werewolf (30/10/16)

I, Yes I Was Stolen


Lucille has just received ultimate life changing news. Unsure of what to do she sets off with Liam and Jessica to find the answers that she needs. 

However while she's busy discovering her new life, the people in her old life really want her back.

And they're prepared to do anything to get her. 

Lucille has many choices to make, each choice will shape her future and change her life as she knows it. 

Let the tears, lies, confessions and drama ensue.

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So you probably get this alot but. Is that cover something from the mortal instruments ?
Miss_Tarzy Miss_Tarzy Sep 09, 2016
Omg I wanna be her new BFF from her description of herself!! We could both laze around together!!! 🙌🏼🤗
Miss_Tarzy Miss_Tarzy Sep 09, 2016
Omg lazy, unsociable and evil 🙌🏼 I swear we're I BFF match from a hellish heaven!! Yup I call it Lucille is totes my new BFF!!
StarstruckLLB StarstruckLLB Dec 02, 2016
Okay, I love this girl. She's wicked as hell just like me but unlike her no one ever knows who does what has been done. I'm also unsociable and lazy. So we cool