THE Possessive GOD of the UnderWorld OWNS ME!

THE Possessive GOD of the UnderWorld OWNS ME!

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☁️ Wolfen ☁️ By Wolfen Updated Sep 11

There's Hell to Pay... But how bad can it possibly get?

How about being kidnapped by the God of the Underworld while trying to escape a cheating boyfriend?

Not to mention, cheating with a best friend...

Could this be a case of very bad luck or are the Fates making mortal life a cosmic joke?

Seventeen-year-old Kora Kariss is about to find out..

(*Author's Note: Warning!!!! These chapters can get down right steamy and quite a bit wicked, so take note that this Greek Myth with a modern twist is not for the faint of heart BUT if you are into this sorta thing, by all means, enjoy! And don't forget to save, vote, and share! ~ ;))

MyCowPops! This story is awesome. The 1st chapter has such a nice edge. You had me at hello. :) Look forward to the following chapters! :)
JamieA1408 JamieA1408 Jul 19
I like how fluently the pace flows. There was the odd typo and punctuation error, but nothing that hinders the reader's understanding. Overall, it's pretty good so far. :)
JamieA1408 JamieA1408 Jul 18
Not a bad start at all. I'm currently on a quest--man, that's so cringey-- to read anything and everything; see, when you dedicate all your time to one genre like I have, you start to fatigue fast. I'll stick with this story, though.  It certainly seems interesting. :)
CaliBombXO CaliBombXO May 31
Wicked first chapter. It's awesome, I love it! Can't wait ta read the rest.
Hallelujah! Finally a modern myth story and it is fabulous! Great first chapter. I'm already psyched to read this magnificent tale!
MyMagicMyst MyMagicMyst Oct 19
Ohhhh! Me liking the story so far... *says in weird British accent* lol :-P