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THE Possessive GOD of the UnderWorld OWNS ME!

THE Possessive GOD of the UnderWorld OWNS ME!

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☁️ Wolfen ☁️ By Wolfen Updated Feb 01

There's Hell to Pay... But how bad can it possibly get?

How about being kidnapped by the God of the Underworld while trying to escape a cheating boyfriend?

Not to mention, cheating with a best friend...

Could this be a case of very bad luck or are the Fates making mortal life a cosmic joke?

Seventeen-year-old Kora Kariss is about to find out..

(*Author's Note: Warning!!!! These chapters can get down right steamy and quite a bit wicked, so take note that this Greek Myth with a modern twist is not for the faint of heart BUT if you are into this sorta thing, by all means, enjoy! And don't forget to save, vote, and share! ~ ;))

Yeah right... So original too. Hope she kicks him between the pockets. What a jerk...
NoMoreSkyMoore NoMoreSkyMoore May 31, 2016
MyCowPops! This story is awesome. The 1st chapter has such a nice edge. You had me at hello. :) Look forward to the following chapters! :)
Hahaha!!!! This would tots be me! XD Like the fuq you say but then realize dude is on fleek and you lose your resolve. ROTFL
That's heartbreaking. How could her own best friend do something like that and she was even concerned about her well being... SMH... Mel's a real crap nugget. >.>
JamieA1408 JamieA1408 Jul 18, 2016
Not a bad start at all. I'm currently on a quest--man, that's so cringey-- to read anything and everything; see, when you dedicate all your time to one genre like I have, you start to fatigue fast. I'll stick with this story, though.  It certainly seems interesting. :)
CaliBombXO CaliBombXO May 31, 2016
Wicked first chapter. It's awesome, I love it! Can't wait ta read the rest.