When The Shadows Bite. (Book Two)

When The Shadows Bite. (Book Two)

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HEARTless By Ridiculous_ Updated 5 days ago

Chanel has been dragged into an unforseen fairytale. After being abducted by a monster who has slowly captured her heart, Chanel could barely coop with her new found life. 

She assumed things could not get much worse, however she did not know the hidden dangers and secrets just around the corner from her....

Pt 2 "What Goes Bump in the Night."

I hope it's something like putting her in the room that she screwed Roy in and let Chanel stab her in the neck at night 🤔
darkwolf1996 darkwolf1996 5 days ago
I literally just exited the first book and came straight to this one.
AmyJo13 AmyJo13 Aug 02
And it was at this point that Chanel picked up the knife and jabbed it into her neck haha
darkwolf1996 darkwolf1996 5 days ago
That moment when you realize that wasn't sarcasm and she literally meant it 😂 this bîtch was missing for a 150 years. Of course her aśs gonna show up a hundred years later
Over a blade in your neck?? Not in a million years: the second option is way more apealing...
That gurl gonna catch these hands if she dont stop her fake shii