When The Shadows Bite. (Book Two)✔

When The Shadows Bite. (Book Two)✔

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HEARTless By Ridiculous_ Completed

Chanel has been dragged into an unforseen fairytale. After being abducted by a monster who has slowly captured her heart, Chanel could barely coop with her new found life. 

She assumed things could not get much worse, however she did not know the hidden dangers and secrets just around the corner from her....

What Goes Bump in the Night Series.

  • bwwm
  • decite
  • falling-in-love
  • fantasy
  • intteracial
  • lies
  • mystery
  • romance
  • secrets
  • sexy
  • suspense
  • werewolf
suga9scupin suga9scupin Jul 19
I guess she's vouched three days to get u back... 
                              Her 1950's look is only so that u can reminisce... I don't think shes oblivious to the modernity at all
suga9scupin suga9scupin Jul 19
Either she goes or i go!  But then u so desperately need answers so okay,,,
DamonKiss DamonKiss May 04
I would get the jacket and be on my way😡😡 Silas you douche!!!
suga9scupin suga9scupin Jul 19
So i can just imagine.. If he completely never told her about abigail... 
                              Atleast she knows who it is
DamonKiss DamonKiss May 04
Seeing how He is STILL thinking of this st!t is clear enough She isn't just his past😠😤😠😤😠😤😠
RedDelight RedDelight Aug 21
Just reading this book again and what leaps out is "YOUR room", not "OUR room". 🤔😒