You're Mine • a Lexa/You Short Story

You're Mine • a Lexa/You Short Story

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"I already told you. I'm yours, and you're mine. No matter what anybody tells me."


Lexa becoming Commander wasn't something that Y/N was entirely looking forward to... in fact, she was dreading it. And having brought her worries to her girlfriend straightforwardly, Y/N had been reassured by Lexa: she wasn't going to change. 

But could Lexa keep that promise, or would she be forced to change in order to look after her people?

Can raven, Octavia, or Clarke be a love interest for me. I will prefer Clarke or Raven. Clarke cause well she's hot and raven cause she smexy
Oh man are you kidding me Lexa I hope I Fall in love with someone else and make her jealous or something 😭😭😠😠
Should've just walked away like a badass who was ready to go get with some other girl but that ain't me IRL lol
This is like a kind of drug. I've become addicted and I need more
Oh my glob this is amazing. Now, if only the reader insert became a badass.............that would be cool. And Lexa would be all like 'Woah. When did this happen?'
Is it weird that I read the trigedaslang part and totally understood it? XD