Rejecting the Alpha

Rejecting the Alpha

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starz By angelgoddess101 Updated Apr 08, 2015


Aspen as been through it all. Having her family hate her and also her pack. After being kicked out of her own pack just for being different she gets attacked by a vampire and it changes her forever. After getting a vision of her mate sleeping with another girl she makes a promise that she will never love and always be alone. Did I mention she's a hybrid? 

Ryder is the Black alpha. The Boss of the boss. He always gets what he wants and no one has ever turned him down. Hes the hottest guy in the school and has the strongest and largest pack in the world. What happens when a silly girl questions his morals and disrespects his authority? 

Will they make it work or bud heads ? What happens when Aspens finds her vampire attacker and ignores Ryder? What happens when her mate and attack won't take 'NO' for answer? 
Keep reading to find out

    OfficiallyCaitlin18 OfficiallyCaitlin18 Sep 11, 2016
    RoseBAwesomest RoseBAwesomest Aug 24, 2016
    I believe it's called rejecting your mate. You know... when you say some words and then feel excruciating pain. Ring a bell? No? You'll feel it later.
    BlackJag BlackJag Sep 04, 2016
    I really thought she would be strong since she's a hybrid...not a submissive weakling lol
    samiyahS- samiyahS- Aug 31, 2016
    Wait aspen is a girl?!  I've been thinking she's a guy this whole time.  Wtf is wrong with me??
    Southernwolves Southernwolves Oct 02, 2016
    5 times huh? But whose counting? 😂😳 hehehe..... how a pleasant first impression
    NaughtyRosie NaughtyRosie Sep 22, 2013
    So good!! But lynch ladies!?.he slept with lynch ladies!?! Half of them are at least 50!! What the heck!?!? o_O. Love it though. Hehe