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Pokemon Fanfic: The Betrayal

Pokemon Fanfic: The Betrayal

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PKMNMasterRed13 By JeffreyKim581 Updated Jan 03

When Ash comes home from competing in the Kalos League, he is betrayed by his closest friends and wants to prove them wrong. It is 5 years he and his true friends went missing and is invited to a world cup tournament. He goes by the name Ashura Knight. Will he prove the traitors wrong or is it true what the traitors say? (Contains Aura, Smarter, and less-dense Ash).

Mewy217 Mewy217 3 days ago
Wouldn't it be Leaf Ketchum as you said in the flashback that Leaf was Ash's sister
Did ash actually beat misty with only his butterfree?I dont remember but he couldnt fighters with his pikachu because pikachu didnt want to fighters a friend (misty)!
Why Max is there any reason (it's ok just asking)I mean he's pretty joung he cant just go way ,can he?
MMS1213 MMS1213 Jan 17
1. pokemon performing is only for girls.
                              2. you are dummer than Clemont and you act like Bonnie.
                              3. and finally, THIS IS WHERE I CROSS THE LINE?!?!!? DO NOT TALK TO SERENA LIKE THAT?!?!
MMS1213 MMS1213 Jan 17
pls tell me that Serena, Clemont and Bonnie were forced to do this
Dodri doesnt even have wings how is ist abele to fly?
                              Self-answer:Since he can learn flying but charizard not (only in gerenation 1)!