{Diabolik lovers (DL): Laito X reader} The Master & The Chosen One

{Diabolik lovers (DL): Laito X reader} The Master & The Chosen One

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Fiery By Flame_Flare Updated 5 days ago

What will happen if you and your 11 friends met yui and the sadistic 6 pure bloods vampires and 4 half bloods, the vampire prince, and 2 werewolves? 

What if you fall in love to the perverted playboy vampire of the sakamakis? 

Will your relationship be stable or not? 

Can you and the girls change the boys' lives? 

Find out the answers by reading this story. 

DiaLover here! Laito X reader, for Laito fans there like me. Also, you can spend time with bby Laito yey! Hope u enjoy the story! 

Note: the characters and the anime diabolik lovers is owned by rejet. As the story line is owned by me. Please keep that in mind!

pumpkuncupcake123 pumpkuncupcake123 5 days ago
My actual height is 5'0 im 16 i hate my short life(all my friends are over 5'1 im the shortest of the squad)
tintin123_4 tintin123_4 Dec 19, 2016
I love these anime movie but sad to say i can't watch season 3😵😵😔 because I am a anime fans and I love very much a story of vampire with romance kino,ayato sakamaki!!!😍😍😵😵
WolfieGirl17788 WolfieGirl17788 Sep 30, 2016
I'm sensitive but I never show it
                              I'm rude and mean to the guy I like
jonniemc05 jonniemc05 3 days ago
Didn't get this far in the season if these are charters and I feel to lazy to look them all up so RANDOM PICK
jonniemc05 jonniemc05 3 days ago
Watch me forget this the next 3 chapters... I suck at names...
ParkCL03 ParkCL03 Jan 08
I was like Omg how did you know? Till I read () lol 😂😂😂