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Frerard : Never Let Them Take The Light Behind Your Eyes

Frerard : Never Let Them Take The Light Behind Your Eyes

28.4K Reads 955 Votes 12 Part Story
FrerardMonsterMCR By frerardmonstermcr Completed

Frank Iero meets Gerard way after bumbling into him in the school hall way, it all starts from there, the budding romance, Frank decides that he so desperately wants him! 

But will Gerard feel the same? He's not even gay... Is he?

FrerardIsRealHaHa FrerardIsRealHaHa Sep 12, 2016
Wow that's so rude how dare you they might be a nice person and you're dropping them? Ugh r00d
Adrien_is_not_sane Adrien_is_not_sane Sep 16, 2015
I love this. So happy, so cute, let's keep it this way. Nobody dies, no hospitals, no meanness. yay!
frerardmonstermcr frerardmonstermcr May 30, 2014
@jesste8 thankyouu for the tip. I've read it through and I see it. hahah this was a long time ago thou I think, well hope I can improve
jesste8 jesste8 May 17, 2014
Okay first I swear I'm not trying to be rude. If you're looking to improve your writing try to vary your sentence starters. There's too many sentences that start with "I". Again I swear I'm trying to be helpful not rude.