Mistaken Love

Mistaken Love

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"I love you..."

"I know you do, but I'm sorry, the person you should love, is not me, let's stop."

"Why? Aren't we fine together? I wanna change everything, it may not be that much but things still can work out."

"I know, I can't be selfish and keep you with me, there's someone who is waiting for you."

"Don't go...please, you're the only one."

"I'm sorry, please just let me go, you will be loved and treated better by her, all I can give you is, hurts."

"Would you be happy if I leave?"


"But remember one thing, there's only one person I love, and she's you, no matter what, and no matter where we are, you're still mine."

"This is just a mistaken love, we shouldn't even met by first."

"I love you."

"Not as much as I love you."

"I'm sorry for not able to be your man and protect you."

"It's not your fault."

"I would stand up and restart...? If I could would you? Would you pick me up and bring me with you along?

"I'm sorry...goodbye."

Shina live in a normal life, she usually got bullied by students in school and was always being jealous by other people because she was one of the top prettiest girl in school and she normally will be loved by guys...especially Mark Tuan from Got7...

One day, she was being force to sign a contract with the Got7 to be their slave for 100 days and after that, they will set her free.

In that 100 days, many things happened, she was being torture to do hard works, she was being forced to do everything they said but in another half, she also fell in Love with Mark as the days go on but she does s not know what is Mark's opinion.

Mark had been searching for a girl who has a nickname called Hope, she is Mark's childhood friend and by seeing Shina, Mark assumed that Shina is Hope. Shina love Mark and Mark love Shina just because he think that she is Hope but what Shina is afraid about is that what if this love is just a mistaken love? What if the person Mark is supposed to love is not her?

What will happened to her?

shiploverofthings62 shiploverofthings62 May 29, 2016
OMG!!!! Did GOT7 kidnap her???? Dang boys, I thought better of you.