The Heir's Will

The Heir's Will

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Lessons In Romantics By jonquilles Updated Nov 11, 2017

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 After a death in their family, Collien Raish is shocked by what was once a well-kept secret. 
Turns out her father, rest his soul, had not one but a few skeletons in the closet. 

Their family business is going downhill. Not to forget the appalling fact that they owed a bank way beyond their means.

Now living alone with her mother, Collien accepts it's just another bitter pill to swallow if she wanted to keep them afloat.

But exactly how do you wiggle out of a loan worth millions and millions?

Then comes into play a suspicious contract proposed by a mysterious acquaintance, who, in one way or another, might just have the answer to her problems. 
Should she trust him and his intentions? Or save her family from deep trouble and keep out of his life?

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