A Collection of Phan One-Shots

A Collection of Phan One-Shots

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Nadine By interruptedbyfire Completed

Summary: Dan takes Phil out on a date, trying to make it really perfect and everything. Problem is: Phil doesn't even know he's on a date. 

Warnings: none

Word count: 1,729 


"Daaan. Where are we going?", Phil whined as I guided him through the busy streets of London's night life.

I ignored his question completely and only speeded up, so we wouldn't be late for our reservation in that fancy restaurant, I've wanted to take Phil out to since the day I realized my feelings for him.

Not that he knew.

Oh man, Phil didn't even know that we actually were on some kind of date, but he most likely would know at the end of the day. Because I finally decided to admit my feelings for him.

No matter whether he liked me back or not, I just didn't want to keep something from him any more  After all he was my best friend and trusted me with everything - so wouldn't it only be fair if I did so as well?  

We've already spent the whole afternoon together, walking around in London, drinking c...

a_belle_to_remember a_belle_to_remember Jul 21, 2016
Welp, here it is. The first story in this amazing book that I'm already phangirling about
Happylittlephan2022 Happylittlephan2022 Sep 04, 2016
This is irrelevant but I have this is gospel stuck in my head by p!atd somebody send help
hannah_abott hannah_abott Oct 09, 2016
I literally just read the last line and thought "The most fun I've ever had is the actual line" Like what is my life
okaythisisit okaythisisit Dec 15, 2016
I tried to imagine this, I ended up hearing the giraffe noise
ZeynepErtekin9 ZeynepErtekin9 Oct 28, 2016
I really want Dan to come in the room and say Hey love or sth like that when phil was live streaming. That would be amazing
peanut-butter-cats peanut-butter-cats Sep 12, 2016
ikr please let like someone say
                              "prank call your dad Dan huhuhuhu"
                              then he goes asks Siri but it says calling Daddy and the Phil walks in asking why Dan just called him 
                              idk I saw it on tumblr hahah I'm an idiot