UnTamed Slave

UnTamed Slave

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XMiekieMieksX By XMiekieMieksX Completed

What if losing everything ,starts something much more? 

But what is the definition of this more?

More - love? Hate? Lies? Trust? Hurt? Pain? Gain? Life?

Kaitlinn lost everything what she had when she was 11 ,it wasn't taken from her.

She was Taken from it. 

Kaitlinn was stolen and sold as a slave at first it wasn't that bad and then it got better.

But what happens when everyone is slayed including her owner? And she loses her life as a luxury slave and gets sold to the cruelest vampire in existence.

As I read I keep thinking it's set in the Victorian era but then I hear about Street lights and realise it's not. It's because of her being controlled by her mother, I think 🤔
bellahowe bellahowe Jul 10
Same it seems sometimes that my parents love my bro more then me
That would be my friends, they would start throwing stuff at him.
Pijper Pijper Aug 09
She sounds like Mme Fiona. 
                              And no, I'm totally not rereading this book a day after I just finished it, your eyes are playing tricks on you
ToxicAngle ToxicAngle Dec 29, 2015
I can just imagine a kid being kidnapped and then their friends start throwing stuff at the kidnapper... it's just like you get this smug look and then you say "my friends are gonna mess you up"
MadelaineSchfer MadelaineSchfer Dec 21, 2015
It's spelled "guests" and it looks better if you don't have these kind of errors at the beginning of your story 😉 no offence to you or your story, just for your editing ☺