Changed Alpha

Changed Alpha

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"I, Scarlett Marquez, future Luna of the lightening pack, reject you, Isaac walker as my mate" 


Isaac walkers is the loser of the pack, literally. He is abused daily by his pack, at home and at school. Reason? Simple, he's the omega. All his life he is made fun of for being a wimp and a nobody. 

On the future Luna's 16th birthday he finds out he's her mate. He is filled with happiness. While she is filled with dread. She rejects him. In front everyone. Humiliated and tired of this life, he runs away. While he's on the run he meets a rogue who claims he is an alpha...

Skip to a few years later, Isaac has started a small pack of his own, but being a small pack means their weak, right? Wrong. The Hunters Moon pack is one of the strongest pack there is, but also the most mischievous. Constantly in trouble with the werewolf government. 

For once he is happy, but will the happiness last when the government, as punishment for trespassing another pack, sends them to America to help some packs. 

One of these packs is the lightening pack. Meaning he will have to meet up with his troublesome mate. Scarlett Marquez.

Mates won't be the only thing to worry about. There might even be some problems with his own pack...

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