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♜ Protecting Miss Quirkless (VariousXReader) ♜

♜ Protecting Miss Quirkless (VariousXReader) ♜

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Watzitchuya By Watzitchuya Updated Apr 07

I made a major changes in this book. I truly apologize for that. But now I already got an idea. Though the story remind you from Nisekoi. But trust me. I've got my own plot I only got the idea.
    ✯Characters aren't mine, they belong to Kōhei Horikoshi. 
    ✯The pictures doesn't belong me. They belong to the rightful owners. credits should be given to them.
    ✯Highly made a lot of mistakes which I will correct when the story is complete.
    ✯Might contain spoilers to the manga.
    ✯ Highly used wifi for the images
    ✯Please don't forget to leave your votes, comments and support (^3^)/
    You were born to be different from the people around you. Being protected by a higher rank Heroes for the sake of your families inheritance.
    But just then, the forbidden was made to be broken, you meet a boy that you think his the one, the one who accept you from who you really are. You fell in love at first sight. For just a short moment, you bid farewell. Sad to say, but the boy give you a locket for him to remember the time he was with you. 
    As the time goes by, you finally found the treasure you were looking for. But the problem here is... 
    Three men, holding three different keys. 
    Who do you think is the person who own the real key to your heart and the real protector of Miss Quirkless?
  Read more to unlock the beating of your heart and discover more about the unsolved mysteries of your past.
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  #3 in Reverse Harem - 10/06/16
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Menna Kurosiki 
                              Pixie cut hair thats blonde
                              Robin egg blue eyes because why not
                              (When you're oc is actually male ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))
                              \(//∇//)\( ̄∀ ̄)(°▽°)(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))♡
Alrighty then! 
                              Yuukira (Save my Heart reference lol)
                              Long, wavy
                              Light brown hair
                              Emerald green eyes
Aurora Aurae
                              Long soft white hair and uses a circlet 
                              Green sparkling eyes
Sh*t I can't read stories like this oh for f*ck sake I always forget who I am. Oh well.
Did you just blush about my mom? I came out of her vagina, watch it ><
Lol this kinda reminds me of Yuu from Charlotte for some reason... like him not knowing what his actual power was