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BTS oneshots

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bangtan_writes By bangtan_writes Updated Feb 16

Today Jungkook and I were going to a cafe to see one of my cousins, Park Yoonmi. She was a kind girl. Smart, pretty, everything that a guy would want. 

"Ya." Someone said to me and poked my cheek. I quickly looked at the person who poked me. Ah jungkook.

"Yeah what. Sorry I spaced out."I replied, letting out an airy laugh. 

"What are you thinking about?" He asked, lacing his fingers with mine as we walked to the cafe.

"Umm nothing." I assured him. Jungkook let it go and smiled at me.

We finally got into the cafe and I spotted Yoonmi sitting in the corner waiting for us. She spotted us and waved. 

"Hi Jungkook!!" Yoonmi said a little too happily. Her eyes moved to mine.

"Ah hi unnie." She said while not looking as happy as she did when she greeted Jungkook. Weird. "Ah sit down." Yoonmi told us.

All three of us were sitting at a booth. Jungkook and I were going to sit on one side, but then Yoonmi cut in.

"Oppa, the chair there is ripped. You can sit next to me." She chirped, pat...

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babydollami babydollami 7 days ago
I really like how the girl is the one that’s jealous, it really changes the perspective of things. It’s not always the guy. 👍💕
alright, jungkook-ass.
                              either you choose yoonMIIIII (ME) , or i choose yoongi, c'mon.
Me:*coughs* hoe. 
                              Her: What?
                              Me: Nothing! :) *coughs* slut
                              Her: Seriously what are you saying?!
                              Me: NOTHING! :D
Hangrybish Hangrybish Mar 01
So why I gotta sit you could gave got another table in the time span of us coming. Do make drag you across this table cause thats whats about to happen.
LilFireGo LilFireGo Mar 17
I am the cousin, I am usually the third wheel to all my friends dates. 
                              And the only one that people forget and leave behind :`)
babydollami babydollami May 19
Okay so she may be smart, and pretty, and everything a guy would want... but she definitely is needy and desperate. You see, ahem, those two things literally cancels out everything else. Smh.