Punk Rock Attitude and Hopeless Hair

Punk Rock Attitude and Hopeless Hair

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Psychic Vampire By McrTrashboat Updated 2 days ago

Gerard is placed in a group home with four other kids. He's been through so much for a 17 year old. Picking up the pieces to already broken heart and mind will be more difficult than what others thought.

After losing his parents to a fire, Frank was moved into the group home three years ago. He's 19, has no where to go, and his punk rock attitude with his hopeless hair isn't getting him anywhere.


(Trigger warning)
(Drug/alcohol use and abuse)
(Mentions of past rape)
(Self harm/ self destruction)

Okay I'm like really enjoying your stories??? I'm sorry I'm probably spamming your nonfictions with all my votes. But they're just so good.
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