Begin Again ▷ Jared Cameron

Begin Again ▷ Jared Cameron

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caitlin By illustration Updated Jan 19

❝How does it feel to start all over?❞

❝Twisted. I stare into the mirror, knowing I'm looking at myself, but the person gazing back at me is unrecognizable. I should've died in that hospital.❞

❝Can you imagine what would've happened to me? I didn't even know you existed, but I'm sure a part of me would've been ripped out. You're my world, Pen. I won't let you leave again.❞


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Sorry if it offends anyone its just my sister is gay so if her and her girlfriend do anything together my family and I shout 'gay' towards them. They are fine with it so don't give hate
maddie624493 maddie624493 Jan 11, 2017
It makes me so happy that the parents aren't homophobic 😍😍😍
JxzzSilver JxzzSilver Jul 24, 2016
This precious child is too innocent for this world, I will shield her through the 4th wall
herouics herouics Sep 15
i would’ve preferred black, even though my pfp ish