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gone || minizerk

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sao By minizerk- Updated Dec 28, 2016

"does gender get in you're way?"



"hell no."

cover by the lovely @stiimpy

xorachxo17 xorachxo17 Jan 01
I guess my school accepts people, I mean we have a LGBTQI+ week every year
lizziehasapurpose2 lizziehasapurpose2 Sep 26, 2016
I never understood all these genders but I still support the LGBT community❤️ Here where I go to school, they are very homophobic! I'm straight but it's not fair that people decides to be homophobic about someone sexuality😔
ae_rus ae_rus Sep 01, 2016
What do I like more Joshler or Minizerk OR KSImon idk someone help
sdmnxox sdmnxox Oct 03, 2016
No one is homophobic in my school but there are not too many lgbt people (maybe some in like y12 and y13 though)
minizerkayla minizerkayla Dec 28, 2016
*reading over this again and decided to join in on these comments* my school is FULL of homophobes, simply because I live in Scotland (unfortunately we're not the most accepting of people) so that's why I've never told anyone I'm gay.
BaoSanni BaoSanni Dec 28, 2016
my school have accepting people, people who make jokes about it but they accept as well, the actual LGBTQA+ peeps and then the homophobes 
                              luckily in my school, i don't know many homophobes since they're in higher and lower years, not in year 8