Lost Lovers - Nochelle

Lost Lovers - Nochelle

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It all started on September 19, 2007 when Noah Borody stepped foot in 'The Next Step' dance studio. If you would have asked me about Noah when I was thirteen, I would have told you that September 19, 2007 was the best day of my life. Why you may ask? Because that's the day I met my best friend.

One day, that all changed. 

Even though I told him that my little sister Reegan had been diagnosed with Autism (ASD) and I told him not to tell anyone, when he did tell people, it ruined everything. Literally. I was so embarrassed.

After 'The Next Step' won internationals for the second time, I was offered the lead role on a Broadway production. I met my boyfriend Ty, and after the first production came out, I got the opportunity to apart of the new production, 'Lost Lovers'. I couldn't believe who was the male lead role. And little did I know that the one time I went to run lines with him would be the worst decision of my life, and all of NYC knew about it too.

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